16 Awesome-Sounding Genre Films Coming to Sundance 2024

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Some of the films and stars coming to Sundance 2024.

Some of the films and stars coming to Sundance 2024.
Image: Sundance

The 2024 movie season kicks into high gear this week with the start of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. Each year, Sundance is where many of the biggest, most buzzworthy independent films start their journeys to either box office success or critical glory—and, with the festival now being both digital and in-person, audiences everywhere can participate.

Sundance might be best known for its dramatic fare (Oscar winners like Coda and Little Miss Sunshine got their starts there), but it’s also a great place to discover excellent horror, sci-fi, and other genre films. That’s where io9 comes in. In the past, the festival was the proving ground for films like Saw, The Blair Witch Project, Donnie Darko, 28 Days Later, The Descent, and Primer. Last year, Talk to Me, Infinity Pool, and In My Mother’s Skin all premiered at the festival.

So, is this year’s Talk to Me coming out this week? It’s time to see the contenders and, if you want to watch them for yourself, the festival runs from January 18-28 both in Park City, Utah and online. Get more info right here and click through to see the films.


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