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Why Bachelor Nation’s Susie Evans and Justin Glaze Decided to Finally Move Out of the Friend Zone – E! Online


Susie Evans and Justin Glaze‘s road to romance has been quite the dramatic journey. 

And after the Bachelor Nation stars exclusively confirmed to E! News that they’re dating, not everyone was surprised. 

After all, Susie and Justin had been sparking romance rumors for months—with their flirty Instagram posts fueling speculation that they continued to deny.

“Sorry for lying to y’all’s face like that,” Justin wrote on his Instagram Stories after news of their romance broke, with Susie adding in her post, “Okay fine… y’all were right.” 

To be fair, they were initially there just to make friends after meeting in November 2022. It wasn’t until October 2023—when a night out complete with a 7-Eleven run led them to confess their feelings for each other—that their relationship shifted from platonic to romantic.

And they insist they made their social media posts for all the right reasons.

“We’ve always just loved a funny bit and kind of just doing funny stuff on social media,” Justin explained. “So we would kind of do these skits and stuff, and we genuinely were friends. It’s kind of what made a lot of this so easy in terms of a transition because, social media-wise, we were making the same videos and doing the same stuff romantically or non-romantically.”

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