Nick Viall Is Ready For His Daughter to Give Him a Hard Time About His Bachelor Past – E! Online

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He and Joy are also sure to divulge their experiences as they navigate the next phase of their journey. “When Natalie’s on the show with me, we’re just kind of talking about the things we love talking about and having fun,” Viall said of working with his future wife, “so that makes it really easy.” 

It’s the same go-with-the-flow approach they’re bringing to parenting. 

“I think we’re just trying to be flexible,” he explained. “We have a lot of great family members and friends to help us. And, you know, just expect the unexpected and try to enjoy it is the feedback we get the most. And that’s what we’re really focused on.”

And they’re not the only Bachelor alums proving that they are, in fact, here to make (miniature) friends. Can we steal you for a sec to have you check out the newest Bachelor babies?


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