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LeAnn Rimes wants those who aren’t up to date on their checkups to start singing a different tune. 

Stressing the importance of routine exams, the two-time Grammy winner shared she recently underwent a procedure to remove precancerous cells after the results from her annual Pap smear came back abnormal.

“Yesterday, I underwent a minor surgery,” she wrote in a Jan. 13 Instagram post, “and I wanted to share what I went in for because I think it’s an important reminder to get our annual screenings in order to catch changes that may be taking place within the body early on.”

As Rimes explained, she went in for her Pap smear “several months back” and it wasn’t the first time the results returned as abnormal.

“In fact, I’ve had abnormal paps since I was 17,” the 41-year-old continued, “and through regular pap smears and colposcopies, my doctors have been keeping an eye on any cellular changes that could be taking place.”


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