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‘Godzilla x Kong’ and ‘Godzilla Minus One’ revamp the classic monster story : Pop Culture Happy Hour


<img src='https://media.npr.org/assets/img/2024/03/27/rev-1-org-trl-016_high_res_jpeg_wide-eff354854f3538f62b65df8ca967a0180c991364.jpeg' alt='Godzilla in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.‘/>

Godzilla has been around for 70 years and recently won his first Oscar. The beloved 2023 Japanese production Godzilla Minus One won an Oscar for visual effects. Now, the Hollywood MonsterVerse franchise rolls on with Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, which pairs the two titans as they face a common enemy. Today, we talk about both movies and how they offer different takes on the decades-old monster story.

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