Yankees Could Be Revising Road Uniforms for First Time in 50 Years, per Report

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The New York Yankees’ uniforms are a classic in the sports world, as the team has rarely changed their look over the past century. The home uniforms always feature the iconic pinstripes, while the road grays consistently display “New York” in block letters.

Any changes the Yankees make to their uniforms are subtle, and it appears they are poised to making a small, but noticeable, change to their road uniforms this season. According to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, New York may be getting rid of the white trim around the words “New York” on their road grays, along with the white outlining on the sleeves.

The New York Yankees may be making a rare change to their road uniforms for the 2024 season.

Thomas Shea/USA Today network

The move would give the Yankees’ road jerseys a throwback feel, as they first added the white trim in 1973. New York used a similar uniform during its Field of Dreams game against the Chicago White Sox in 2021, but these presumably would have a more modern look.

The Yankees pride themselves in their rich tradition, which is a big reason why they haven’t made many significant uniform changes in their history. New York opens their season at the Houston Astros, so if they do have new road uniforms, the Yankees will debut them on Opening Day.


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