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WIN! Tickets to the UEFA EURO 2024 & £500 with BYD and Arnold Clark!



Here at talkSPORT we’ve teamed up with BYD, Official E-Mobility partner of UEFA EURO 2024 to give away two pairs of tickets to the UEFA EURO 2024 group stage games! One pair of tickets is to an England group stage game and one pair is to a Scotland group stage game.

To fully charge up this once in a lifetime trip, each of our winners will also receive £500 to put towards travel & accommodation – all thanks to talkSPORT’s Breakfast Show sponsor Arnold Clark!

If you’d like to win tickets to either the England OR Scotland group stage game at UEFA EURO 2024, we’re looking for players to come on air to talkSPORT Breakfast next Wednesday (0600-1000). For the England tickets, two players will go head to head in a penalty shootout and answer questions about England at the EUROs & previous qualifying campaigns – best of 5 questions wins. For the Scotland tickets, two players will go head to head in a penalty shootout and answer questions about Scotland at the EUROs & previous qualifying campaigns – best of 5 questions wins.

If you’d like to take part in the competition, fill out the form below and let us know if you’d like to compete for the England or Scotland UEFA EURO 2024 tickets. Four players will be randomly selected from all valid entries to join talkSPORT Breakfast on Wednesday 27th March 2024 (0600-1000). Entries close on Tuesday 26th March at 2pm.

18+, T&C’s apply.


      1. By submitting an entry to any competition or promotion (the “Promotion”) organised by or on behalf of Wireless Group Media (GB) Limited and/or any of its affiliated companies (in each case, the “Promoter”, “we”, “us” and “our”), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”). 
      2. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the Promoter includes (a) all radio stations operated by any member of the Wireless Group Media (GB) Limited group, and (b) all agents, sponsors and event promoters involved in organising Promotions through or on behalf of any member of the Wireless Group Media (GB) Limited group.
      3. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, other specific terms and conditions may apply to a particular Promotion (the “Specific Terms and Conditions”). Such Specific Terms and Conditions will be posted on the relevant Promoter’s website (the “Website”) and will be deemed incorporated into these Terms and Conditions. Promotional materials relating to the Promotion, including all information on how to enter the Promotion, published on the Website (including social media if applicable) also form part of these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions, the Specific Terms and Conditions take precedence.
      4. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend any Promotion, these Terms and Conditions and/or any Specific Terms and Conditions at any time. Any such cancellation or any material amendment will be notified by posting the updated Terms and Conditions and/or Specific Terms and Conditions on the Website.
  • Participation in the Promotion
      1. The Promotion is only open to residents of the United Kingdom. Non-UK residents may be admitted at our discretion and if permitted by applicable local law. If non-UK residents are admitted to enter the Promotion, this will be explicitly set out in the Specific Conditions of the Promotion. The following individuals are not eligible to enter the Promotion: 
        1. employees and agents of the Promoter, News Corp UK & Ireland Limited or any other associated company;
        2. employees and agents of any organisation directly connected with the operation or fulfilment of the Promotion (including third party promotional partners and the Prize Provider) and their respective associated, affiliated or subsidiary companies;
        3. the immediate families and household members of all such employees and agents referred to in paragraphs 2.1.1 and 2.1.2; 
        4. anyone who has won a Prize in any Promotion operated by the Promoter within the last 12 months; and
        5. Individuals under 18 years of age.
      2. By entering the Promotion, you confirm that you are eligible to do so and are eligible to claim the Prize you may win. We may require you to provide proof that you are eligible to enter the Promotion.
      3. You must comply with the laws that apply to you in the jurisdiction that you access the Promotion from. If any laws applicable to you restrict or prohibit you from entering the Promotion, you must comply with those laws and, if applicable, refrain from entering the Promotion.  
      4. The start and closing date for a Promotion (the “Promotion Period”) will be stated in the Specific Terms and Conditions and/or marketing materials. Where a Promotion has a closing date and/or time, all entries must be received before such date and/or time. Late entries will be void and will not be taken into consideration in the selection of a winner of the prize (the “Winner”). 
      5. The Promotion dates are Thursday 21st March 2024 00.01 – Tuesday 26th March 2024 14.00 (Promotion Period).
      6. In the event of a tie-break, the promoter will announce the method of deciding the final winner in talkSPORT Breakfast
      7. To enter the Promotion, Entrants must submit their entry using the official entry method as indicated in the Specific Terms and Conditions and promotional materials during the Promotion Period.
      8. Each individual who submits an entry to the Promotion during the Promotion Period (an “Entrant”) may make a maximum of one entry per person during the Promotion Period, unless otherwise stated. Entrants may only win one prize per person per Promotion (a “Prize”), irrespective of the number of entries submitted, unless otherwise stated. Bulk, automatically generated (including by chatbots such as ChatGPT or similar applications) or third party entries are void.
      9. Proof of making a phone call, sending post or an email is not proof of our receipt of your entry. We accept no responsibility for entries that are lost, delayed, damaged or otherwise affected by matters outside our control.
      10. For Promotions which involve a Winner being selected via a public vote, only one vote per Entrant is permitted, unless otherwise stated. Entrants must use their legal name and must register a valid email address to be entitled to vote. Entrant IP addresses may be logged for monitoring purposes. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any vote if it has reasonable grounds to believe that it has not been cast in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or any Specific Terms and Conditions.
      11. The Promoter reserves the right to remove or temporarily suspend from the Promotion any entries submitted if, in its reasonable opinion, it suspects any breach of these Terms and Conditions, it receives any complaint from a third party relating to such entry and/or it considers an entry by its nature to be unfair to other Entrants. Entrants who are rude or abusive to, harass or threaten the Promoter and/or other Entrants, tamper with, deceive, cheat or hack the Promotion, collude with others in entering the Promotion or are deemed otherwise unsuitable by the Promoter, will be excluded from the relevant Promotion at the Promoter’s sole discretion. Furthermore, where such actions have significantly impaired the Promotion, the Promoter may, at its sole discretion, add further stages to the Promotion as it deems reasonably necessary in order to resolve any problems arising from such actions.
      12. Entrants are not necessarily entitled to participate in on-air Promotions and will not necessarily appear on-air in the order in which they are called. The Promoter shall not be liable to reimburse callers for telephone charges when either on hold or on-air. 
      13. If the Specific Terms and Conditions require on-air participation, Entrants must ensure they are available to participate in the Promotion at the relevant time. If a call goes to voicemail, becomes disconnected or the Entrant is not audible for any reason beyond the control of the Promoter before or during the call, the Entrant may be disqualified and the Promoter reserves the right to select another Entrant to participate in the Promotion.
      14. The Promoter reserves the right at any time to cancel, modify or supersede the Promotion (including altering Prizes) if, in its discretion, the Promotion is not capable of being conducted as specified. In the event of a printing or other error resulting in there being more Winners or runners up than Prizes for the Promotion, the Promoter reserves the right to: 
        1. declare as void any claims or entries resulting from such printing or other error; and/or
        2. allocate the available Prizes through a further draw or divide the Prizes or the value of the Prizes between the Winners (and runners up) of the Promotion.
      15. By entering a Promotion, you warrant (i.e., promise) that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete. Entries to the Promotion must be the original work of the Entrant and not previously published. Entries which are or in the Promoter’s reasonable opinion appear to be plagiarised or submitted with the assistance of a third party will be disqualified. Each Entrant agrees that their entry to the Promotion (including any text, recordings, videos and photographs):
        1. does not contain or feature any personal or private information about any person (including their name, contact details, a photograph of them and/or any other identifying information) without that person’s consent (proof of which must be provided to the Promoter upon request);
        2. does not contain any content that is defamatory, libellous, racist, homophobic, derogatory, pornographic, obscene, sexist, illegal and/or otherwise inappropriate;
        3. does not include trade marks, logos or copyright protected material which belongs to third parties without permission (including company names, music, photographs, television programme clips or audio tracks, works of art or images published on or in websites, television, movies or other media);
        4. is not subject to any third party agreements and the Promoter will not be required to pay any sums to any third party as a result of the Promoter’s use (as set out in these Terms and Conditions) or exploitation of the idea, video or other rights contained in any entry; and
        5. does not contain any virus, trojan horse, worm, trapdoor or similar software that may in any way infect or affect any of the Promoter’s hardware or software systems.
      16. The Promoter does not claim any rights of ownership in your entry to the Promotion.
      17. By entering the Promotion, all Entrants grant the Promoter a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual licence to edit, publish and use each entry in any and all media (including print and online) for publicity and news purposes in respect of all intellectual property rights arising in and related to the entries. Each Entrant agrees that it has all rights necessary to grant the rights provided for in this paragraph 2.15, and that all materials forming part of their entry to the Promotion, and any use of such materials by or on behalf of the Promoter, comply with all applicable laws and do not infringe or otherwise violate the rights of any third party, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights. 
      18. Entries received which are not submitted via the official entry method will not be accepted. Use of script, macro or any automated system to enter the Promotion is prohibited and entries made (or which appear to have been made) using any such system may be treated as void. Any illegible, incomplete or fraudulent entries will be rejected. Entrants should be aware that they may be subject to data charges at the usual rate depending on their own individual arrangements for internet access if they enter the Promotion online or by email.
      19. If the official entry method is phone entry, call charges will be the cost indicated in the Specific Terms and Conditions plus any applicable network access charge. The total cost for a phone entry will depend on the Entrant’s network.
      20. If the official entry method is SMS entry, Entrants should send an SMS to the shortcode indicated in the Specific Terms and Conditions. The SMS charge will be the cost indicated in the Specific Terms and Conditions plus any applicable standard network charges. The total cost for a SMS entry will depend on the Entrant’s network. You are responsible for any phone or internet charges you may incur in entering the Promotion by SMS entry. If you are unsure about these charges, you should contact your phone or internet operator before entering.
      21. The Promoter, its affiliates and/or the programme producers may amend or withdraw any element of a competition, prize draw, vote or poll for reasons beyond their reasonable control, including but not limited to the unavailability of the vote, poll, competition or prize draw entry platform before the closing date, or for strike, lock-out, labour dispute, illness, act of God, natural disaster, adverse weather conditions, war, riot, civil commotion, accident, public health concern in relation to potential infection, epidemic or pandemic, malicious damage, fire, flood and/or storm, compliance with law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, breakdown of plant, machinery or transportation. The Promoter, its affiliates and/or the programme producers are not responsible for any loss or damage caused to Entrants as a result of any of these occurrences.
    1. Except where Winners are selected based on objective criteria (see the paragraph below), Winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries for the Promotion received during the Promotion Period by a computer process that produces verifiably random results, unless otherwise specified. The decision of the Promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    2. Where the Winner(s) are selected based on objective criteria, each Winner will be selected by an independent judge (or a panel of judges including at least one independent member). The decision of the judge(s) is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  1. There will be two prize winners. There will be no other prizes for other participants or runners-up. One winner will win: a pair of tickets to an England Group Stage Game at UEFA EURO 2024 and £500 made payable by bank transfer. One winner will win: a pair of tickets to an Scotland Group Stage Game at UEFA EURO 2024 and £500 made payable by bank transfer. Subject to availability. Please note the bank transfer can take up to 30 days. The UEFA tickets must be registered to a person(s) by May 15th on the UEFA platform.
  1. The Promoter will endeavour to notify the Winner(s) by email or phone or using the other contact details provided to the Promoter within 14 days of the end of the Promotion Period unless otherwise stated. Return of any Prize notification as undeliverable may result in disqualification and the selection of an alternative Winner from the remaining valid entries received during the Promotion Period. The Prize may not be claimed by a third party on the Winner’s behalf.
  2. We will make all reasonable efforts to contact the Winner(s). If any Winner cannot be contacted, is not available or has not claimed the Prize within 28 days of being notified, we reserve the right to offer the Prize to the next eligible Entrant selected at random. 
  3. Unless the Prize is time critical, the Prize will be delivered within a reasonable time and by no later than 28 days after the Prize has been accepted. The Winner may be required to submit valid identification before receiving the Prize.
  4. Where a Prize includes free tickets for a particular event, the Promoter will contact the Winner by phone and Prize details shall be as printed on the event tickets. Such Winners shall be bound by (a) these Terms and Conditions, (b) any Specific Terms and Conditions that apply, (c) any terms and conditions set out on the event tickets, and (d) the rules and regulations of the particular venue (as applicable).
  5. Where a Prize includes a gift card or voucher, such Prize will be for a pounds sterling amount. The Promoter, the provider or issuer of the Prize (the “Prize Provider”) and their respective agents reserve the right to refuse to accept gift cards which are deemed to have been tampered with, defaced, duplicated, damaged or which otherwise are suspected to be affected by fraud or which have been lost or stolen following delivery. 
  6. Where a Prize includes a holiday, accommodation and/or flight details will be set out in the Specific Terms and Conditions and/or the promotional materials for the Promotion. Unless specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions, the Prize excludes hotel transfers. The Winner and any guest(s) must travel on the same itinerary and all parts of the Prize must be used in conjunction with the same booking. The Winner and any guest(s) are solely responsible for ensuring they have valid travel documentation (including passport/visa/visa waiver as may be required), obtaining adequate travel insurance and appropriate vaccinations/inoculations for foreign travel at their own expense. The Promoter and Prize Provider reserve the right to determine a final date by which the Prize must be taken, and blackout dates may apply.
  7. All Prizes are subject to availability.
  8. The Winner is responsible for paying all associated costs that are not specifically stated in these Terms and Conditions, the Specific Terms and Conditions and/or any promotional materials for the Promotion, including (where applicable) transport, accommodation, meal costs, spending money, insurance and all other incidentals. Winners are also responsible for any personal or incidental expenses and any VAT, national and/or local tax liabilities incurred in claiming or using the Prize. If any of the Winner’s guests is a minor, the minor must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian (at their own expense). 
  9. By participating in the Promotion, Entrants agree that the Prize is awarded on an “as is” basis, and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, the Promoter does not make any guarantees, representations or warranties of any nature with respect to the Prize.
  10. Prizes are as stated and are non-exchangeable and non-transferable. There is no cash or other alternative to the Prize in whole or in part. In the event of the advertised Prize being unavailable for whatever reason, the Promoter reserves the right to offer an alternative Prize of a similar nature and of an equivalent value or, at its sole discretion, the cash value of the Prize if in its reasonable discretion it is appropriate to do so.
  11. Prizes are awarded at the Promoter’s discretion and no Prizes will be awarded as a result of improper actions by or on behalf of any Entrant. The Promoter reserves the right to require Entrants to prove that they are eligible to claim the relevant Prize. If a Winner is found to be ineligible, the Promoter reserves the right to award their Prize to another Entrant and to require the return of any Prize already awarded.
  12. No responsibility will be accepted for inaccurate Prize details supplied by a third party promoter. The provision of the Prize does not imply endorsement by the Promoter of any third party connected with such Prize or any other third parties connected in any way with the Promotion. Any complaints or queries relating to the use of the Prize should be directed to the Prize Provider, where applicable.
  13. The Promoter will make available the name of the Winner on written request for 28 days after the announcement of the Winner, subject to any objections from the relevant Winner. If you would like to know the name of the Winner, please send a stamped self-addressed envelope by no later than 28 days after the announcement of the Winner to News UK, Promotions Department, 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF stating for which Promotion you would like the Winner’s details. If a Winner objects to their name being made available, they should inform the Promoter at the earliest opportunity by emailing info@wirelessgroup.co.uk. The Winner acknowledges that the Promoter may still be required to share their details with the Advertising Standards Authority or other regulators.
  • Publicity and Data Protection
      1. The Promoter will collect and process Entrants’ personal information in accordance with the privacy policy at http://www.newsprivacy.co.uk/ and all applicable data protection law. The information provided may be shared with the Promoter’s agents, affiliates and, if applicable, the Prize Provider (including those outside the UK/European Economic Area) who will process such information in accordance with their own privacy policy and all applicable data protection law. Information provided by Entrants will be used for the purpose of conducting the relevant Promotion (including for Prizes to be delivered) and any other purposes as may be specified and/or consented to at the time of entry or in promotional materials. If Entrants do not provide any of the mandatory information requested when participating in the Promotion, their entry will be void. 
      2. Winners may be required to take part in or co-operate with publicity or any other form of promotional activity. The Promoter reserves the right to use each Winner’s name, place of residence, photograph and any recordings of them (be it audio or visual) in any publicity or promotion (including to announce an Entrant as a Winner) and the Promoter has the right to use such photos, videos or films in any medium and in any reasonable manner for any purpose as it may see fit without any payment to the Winner.
      3. All Entrants agree to their name and place of residence being published on-air and elsewhere in accordance with regulatory requirements. Entrants agree to their participation being broadcast, recorded, repeated and otherwise used for any reason by the Promoter without being entitled to any payment for such use.
      1. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall in any way limit or exclude the Promoter’s liability for fraudulent misrepresentation, death or personal injury caused by its negligence, breach of Entrants’ statutory rights as consumers, or for any other matter where liability may not be limited as a matter of law.
      2. Subject always to paragraph 5.1, the Promoter will not be responsible for any damage, loss or injury resulting from Entrants’ entry into the Promotion, their acceptance and/or use of the Prize, their failure to redeem the Prize or for technical, hardware or software failures, lost, faulty or unavailable network connections or difficulties of any kind that may limit or prohibit an Entrant’s ability to participate in the Promotion. Your statutory rights are not affected. 
      3. The Promoter will not be responsible for any lost, damaged, defaced, incomplete, illegible or otherwise unreadable entries to the Promotion. 
      4. Subject always to paragraph 5.1, the Promoter, its agents or distributors will not be responsible to the Winner or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up a Prize. 
      5. The title in the Prize and any risk of loss or damage to the Prize will pass to the Winner upon delivery of the Prize to such Winner. The Promoter is not liable for or obliged to replace any defective, lost, damaged or stolen Prize where such defect, loss or damage is not due to the fault and/or negligence of the Promoter.
    1. The Promoter’s decision is final and binding on Entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.
    2. Entrants agree to keep confidential any information of whatsoever nature regarding the Promoter and its businesses, personnel, agents, sponsors and event promoters received by Entrants as a result of winning or participating in any Promotion.
    3. Unless otherwise stated in the promotional materials and/or Specific Terms and Conditions, the Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, the manufacturer of the relevant Prize and/or the Prize Provider. You are providing your information to the Promoter and not to the manufacturer of the relevant Prize and/or the Prize Provider (although, if you win, your details may be disclosed to the Prize Provider in order to provide you with the Prize).
    4. Entrants must not do anything illegal, dangerous and/or that would put themselves or others at any risk. 
    5. These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law. The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute or claim arising in connection with the Promotion or these Terms and Conditions provided that such choice of law and jurisdiction will not deprive you of any mandatory consumer protections in your country of residence (if different).
    6. Any enquiries regarding these Terms and Conditions and any Specific Terms and Conditions should be directed to: Wireless Sponsorship & Promotions On-Air Department, Wireless Group, 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF.
    7. The Promoter and/or its affiliates may amend or withdraw any element of a Promotion for any reason beyond its reasonable control. The Promoter and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any loss or damage caused to you as a result of any event beyond its reasonable control.
    8. We may transfer all or part of our rights under these Terms and Conditions to someone else without obtaining your consent provided such transfer does not significantly disadvantage you.
    9. Any provision of these Terms and Conditions which is deemed illegal and/or prohibited or unenforceable under any applicable law will be ineffective to the extent of such illegality, prohibition or unenforceability without invalidating the remaining provisions.
    10. Here are our standard competition terms and conditions

Last updated: 25 July 2023 (SC).

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