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Troy Aikman Didn’t Book a Vacation Because He Assumed Cowboys Would Be in NFC Championship


The Dallas Cowboys fell short in the postseason once again this year, losing to the Green Bay Packers at home in the divisional round of the playoffs.

It was a stunning loss to the football world, and one that former Cowboys quarterback and current ESPN commentator Troy Aikman did not see coming.

Speaking at an event in Dallas, Aikman said that he had left his schedule open for this weekend, as he had assumed that the Cowboys would be playing in the NFC title game, and didn’t want to miss it.

“Pretty shocked,” Aikman said when asked about the end of the Cowboys’ run. “My season [as a commentator] ended last weekend, with the divisional round. I’m free this weekend. I really anticipated that Dallas would be playing in the championship game. Figured it would be in San Francisco. So I was planning on going to the game. Didn’t book a vacation after my season.”

Aikman was sure to compliment the Packers on a deserving win, saying he knew that Green Bay had a shot at beating the Cowboys, but thought Dallas would have enough to overcome them.

“I thought the Cowboys would separate themselves in the second half, and it didn’t happen,” Aikman said.

Short visits to the postseason have become the norm for the Cowboys in recent years, but coach Mike McCarthy will be back again next season to try and break the brutal streak. Still, Aikman might want to think twice before deciding against a vacation while putting his hopes on his former team.

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