Travis and Jason Kelce rip ‘f***** up’ rule that left NFL fans angry

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The Kelce brothers sounded like enraged Buffalo Bills fans on their latest podcast.

Discussing a controversial penalty flag against Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen, Travis and Jason Kelce didn’t hold back when revealing their shared anger at the decision.

Bills QB Josh Allen was penalized by the No Fun League for pointing his finger


Bills QB Josh Allen was penalized by the No Fun League for pointing his fingerCredit: Getty

“He’s (Allen) struggling with this taunting penalty,” Travis said. “That’s f***** up, man. You can’t point at a guy?”

After Jason joked that everyone ‘loves taunting,’ the Kansas City Chiefs tight end cursed again while describing his frustration at Allen being penalized for briefly pointing at a Bengals defender during a touchdown run in Week 9.

“This is so f****** whack,” Travis said. “You can call him anything you want but can’t point at him?”

Jason joked again, referring to recent video footage of him screaming up close at an opponent.

“Everybody knows you can scream in their face, you can’t point at them,” the Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman said.

Buffalo fell to the Bengals 24-18 on Monday.

The brothers couldn't believe the rule that saw Allen penalized


The brothers couldn’t believe the rule that saw Allen penalized

Before the game was over, fans started calling the NFL the “No Fun League” again, highlighting the hypocrisy in a sport that allows violent hits but won’t allow a player to point a finger.

“Refs are soft,” a fan posted on social media.

“Whoever runs the NFL social media needs to inform [commissioner] Roger Goodell that the amount of unnecessary and ridiculous penalties every week is in fact affecting how fans feel about the game,” another fan wrote.

Travis sounded just like a Bills fan, agreeing with all those who couldn’t believe Allen was flagged for simply pointing a finger on a TD score.

“The fans online were pissed, as they should be,” the tight end added.


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