Steelers star wears sleeveless shirt as fans wade through snow for delayed game

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Pittsburgh Steelers fans were in competition with their star safety Minkah Fitzpatrick for who could look the toughest at Highmark Stadium.

The New York venue played host for the NFL wild-card play-off game between the Buffalo Bills and Steelers, and workers clearly had to focus on the stands rather than the playing surface.

Fans took to their seats in horrendous conditions


Fans took to their seats in horrendous conditionsCredit: Getty

Snow absolutely covered the 71,000-seater arena, with temperatures reaching a bone-chilling 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celcius).

Not to be deterred, fans arrived anyway, and began wading through deep snow to find their seats in rather amusing scenes.

Using pieces of cardboard to cover their seats and prevent any uncomfortable frostbite, fans also had to throw snow around in hilarious scenes captured by NFL reporter Brooke Pryor.

Despite the terrible conditions, Bills staff had the field looking in fine condition, so much so that players from both sides went for a pre-game stroll.

Among them was Steelers star Fitzpatrick, who wasn’t at all bothered about the freezing temperatures.

The safety took to the grass with a sleeveless shirt on while those in attendance waded through.

Offensive coordinator Joe Brady was just as impressive, doing laps around the field in shorts before things got underway.

The game had already been moved from 1pm ET on Sunday to 4:30pm on Monday and the Bills had to remind fans to be prepared.

Fans didn't have any option other than to force their way through


Fans didn’t have any option other than to force their way throughCredit: @bepryor

“Our snow removal crews are working relentlessly to remove as much snow as possible before kick off,” they said in a statement.

“A reminder to all fans attending today’s game, please dress appropriately for the cold weather including waterproof boots and pants.”

Eventually, things got underway relatively scot-free, although the occasional snowballs hit the field as things quickly went against the Steelers.


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