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Spurs’ Jeremy Sochan Munched on a Fan’s Popcorn After Falling Into the Stands


San Antonio Spurs forward Jeremy Sochan went all-out on a play during Wednesday’s game against the Miami Heat and wound up getting a little extra reward. 

In the third quarter, Tre Jones tried to find Sochan with a long outlet pass, but the ball sailed over Sochan’s head and he had to dive into the stands in an attempt to keep it from going out of bounds. 

It didn’t work, but Sochan at least got something in return for his effort. He happened to land right near a fan with a bucket of popcorn, and as he gathered himself to return to the court he grab a handful to snack on. 

Most fans were delighted to have been unexpectedly brought so close to the action—except for one. As Sochan dived into the stands, his foot hit one man right in the face. The man appeared to be in some pain, but Sochan handled the situation with class, giving him a kiss on the head before climbing back onto the court. 

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