Scott Hanson Explains Why He Talks So Much on NFL Red Zone Broadcasts

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Each football Sunday, Scott Hanson is the virtual tour guide for millions of viewers on NFL RedZone, leading viewers to key moments and scoring highlights throughout the day’s action. 

Hanson speaks a lot by necessity as he narrates coverage that hops from one game to another or explains the happenings in a multi-view (quad-box!) situation? At least one fan thinks Hanson is too chatty and took the opportunity through social media to critique his approach.

“If you have access to Paramount Plus, I urge you to watch for 15 minutes to check out how Nico Cantor and the producers handle their Champions League whip around show,” the fan wrote to Hanson. “They go to the games and show the games without constant talking over it.”

Having been tagged with the tweet, Hanson took the criticism seriously and issued a genuine response. The RedZone host made full use of the increased character limit allowed to Twitter Blue (or X Premium) users by typing out a 200-word reply

“Trust me, I’m not trying to talk over any live football more than I have to – (or more than I deem appropriate, for context / perspective),” Hanson wrote in part of the response. “… You can believe me or not – but I’ve thought this through more than anyone on the planet. My intention is to host the greatest football show possible. I’m not paid by the word – & I ain’t doing this for *my* glory.”

Most of the replies to the fan’s tweet disagreed that Hanson talks too much over the action. Plenty of fans supported Hanson when replying to his rebuttal. 

This is surely a matter of personal preference, but Hanson raises excellent points. Running the audio from four broadcasts at the same time would be a lousy user experience indeed. Fortunately, we have Hanson to sort out the chaos.


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