Home SPORT Ronaldinho ‘humiliated gravity’ with warm-up skill and then embarrassed teammate

Ronaldinho ‘humiliated gravity’ with warm-up skill and then embarrassed teammate

Ronaldinho ‘humiliated gravity’ with warm-up skill and then embarrassed teammate


Ronaldinho humiliated plenty of opponents during an iconic career, and once even took on gravity.

Despite Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals, the Brazilian is still considered by many as the most naturally gifted footballer of all-time.

Ronaldinho in full flow was pure art


Ronaldinho in full flow was pure artCredit: AFP
He left countless opponents humiliated


He left countless opponents humiliatedCredit: Getty Images

Throughout a career that spanned Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and AC Milan, the attacking midfielder regularly covered ticket prices with skill alone.

Personifying ‘Jogo Bonito’ [play beautifully] the attacking midfielder always had a smile on his face, and always had something new to go with it on the pitch.

A Champions League and World Cup winner, the Porto Alegre native did it all despite claims of unfulfilled potential, but his legacy was much more than just trophies and goals.

It was also the pure joy he brought to the game, which school kids globally spent hours on end trying to replicate.

There were countless examples on the pitch, such as his free-kick against England at the 2002 World Cup and his stunning first Barca goal which saw a ridiculous run and strike against Sevilla.

Ronaldinho even once got a standing ovation from the Bernabeu after destroying Real Madrid in 2005, but one moment in a warm-up still stuns fans to this day.

Flicking up the ball beautifully while getting ready for a Milan game, the Brazilian then booted the ball up as high as he could before turning his back on it.

Barely lifting his head to see where it had gone, he then stopped it dead on the tips of his toes with a touch that likely has never been replicated since.

He juggled the ball


He juggled the ballCredit: DomRosser YouTube
Booted it


Booted itCredit: DomRosser YouTube
It came down at full speed


It came down at full speedCredit: DomRosser YouTube
He stopped it dead centimetres from the ground


He stopped it dead centimetres from the groundCredit: DomRosser YouTube
And then humiliated a teammate


And then humiliated a teammateCredit: DomRosser YouTube

Then performing an ‘elastico’ where he flicks the ball side to side in a flash, he humiliated a teammate with a nutmeg with barely any effort.

One fan in the crowd was lucky enough to catch the footage in 2011 which remains iconic to this day.

Many YouTuber users are still unable to comprehend the touch, with one joking: “Ronaldinho humiliates laws of physics during warm up.”

Another added: “This should be called: Ronaldinho shows gravity who is the boss…”

A third wrote: “Ronaldinho is (was) the most skillful player of all time. One of the fastest as well.”

A fourth added: “How he stopped that ball dead was amazing. Never seen anything like it.”

While another simply said: “Ronaldinho humiliates gravity.”


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