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Ringside footage shows Anthony Joshua’s vicious one-punch KO of Robert Helenius in all its glory


Anthony Joshua scored a devastating one-punch KO of Robert Helenius on Saturday night in London.

It was far from a perfect performance from the Brit, who struggled to make a breakthrough early on.


It was a devastating knockout

The crowd booed in round three as a tentative Joshua failed to make an early mark.

At the halfway point, Helenius appeared to be growing in confidence as he landed his jab with regularity.

However, in round seven, AJ flicked the switch.

In an instant, Joshua pushed Helenius against the ropes and unleashed a hellacious right hand that sent him clattering to the canvas.

Anthony Joshua scores brutal one-punch KO of Robert Helenius in stunning fashion
Conor McGregor brings his own ring girls to Anthony Joshua vs Robert Helenius

Ringside cameras have shown just how ruthless the KO was.

Thankfully, after not too long, Helenius was back to his feet after being given oxygen.

AJ celebrated by drinking Forged Irish Stout with Conor McGregor at ringsie.

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