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Powerful Earthquake Caused Cameras to Shake in Middle of Fox Sports Talk Show


Every once in a while, a sports pundit drops a take so controversial that it literally shakes the Earth. O.K., well, maybe that’s not exactly what happened Friday at the Fox Sports studios in Los Angeles.

During the Fox Sports 1 show Speak, broadcaster Joy Taylor was previewing Super Bowl LVIII with former NFL players LeSean McCoy, Emmanuel Acho and James Jones. As she spoke about what’s at stake for the Chiefs’ dynasty, an earthquake rumbled through Southern California and caused the cameras on set to shake back and forth.

Like a true pro, Taylor still finished her thought on Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“We were all confused as to what in the world was happening,” Acho said on the show.

The United States Geological Survey measured the earthquake, which struck at 1:47 p.m. PT, at a magnitude of 4.6. Per the USGS, about 16 aftershocks hit the Los Angeles area within an hour of the initial earthquake.

But that didn’t stop Taylor from finishing off her take on the big game.

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