Penguins Score Disastrous Own Goal During Delayed Penalty vs. Coyotes

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The Pittsburgh Penguins scored a disastrous own goal during the third period against the Arizona Coyotes on Monday, doing away with a prime goalscoring opportunity of their own during a delayed penalty.

After drawing a penalty but maintaining possession of the puck, the Penguins attempted to play the advantage with an extra man, removing Tristan Jarry from the net in order to get a sixth skater.

While attempting to build up an attacking play, an errant pass from Kris Letang was fumbled by Evgeni Malkin and ended up in Pittsburgh’s net. Letang had been trying to dump the puck off to Malkin, but the 37-year-old mishandled the exchange resulting in a crushing own goal. 

Sidney Crosby looked to be in total disbelief after the own goal, as the captain could be seen lifting his stick above his head when the puck went into his team’s net. The Penguins wasted a prime opportunity to level the game at three goals apiece, and instead put themselves down 4–2 during the delayed penalty.

The home crowd was shocked, too, as Coyotes fans appeared overjoyed after Pittsburgh’s big meltdown. 

Coyotes forward Lawson Crouse was credited with the goal, despite him clearly having no involvement in the play. Arizona tacked on another goal to make it 5–2 shortly after, as they ran away with the win after the Penguins’ costly mistake.


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