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NHL Fans Roast The Reklaws for Dreadful ‘O Canada’ All-Star Game Performance


Singing the national anthem before a sporting event seems like a rather thankless job. Most people have an idea of how the American or Canadian versions of the song should sound and will quickly express an opinion if it sounds too different. 

The scrutiny over singing the national anthem is more intense before a nationally televised spotlight event like the NHL All-Star Game. Before the 2024 edition of hockey’s midseason showcase, Canadian country music duo The Reklaws took the ice to perform their nation’s anthem and fans did not care for the pair’s slower, twangy rendition. 

Here’s a sampling from social media of the negative sentiment: 

Tough crowd! But again, people have very clear opinions on how the national anthem should sound. Don’t put too much of a personal spin on the song or color outside the lines, so to speak. 

Poor reception aside, The Reklaws are accomplished country artists in Canada. The duo has four No. 1 hits with several singles certified gold and platinum from their three albums. Their version of the Canadian national anthem will probably not be recorded and released, however.

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