EA Sports Executive Shuts Down Report on College Football Game Release Date

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The college football world is chomping at the bit for a new video game, and has been for several years. Litigated into a lengthy hiatus, NCAA Football‘s cult following has contributed significantly to the sport’s cultural import—particularly among the millennials that grew up with it.

Because of this, the video game’s NIL-era comeback as EA Sports College Football has been closely watched. It has also led to false alarms about the video game’s potential release date.

On Tuesday, John Reseburg—EA Sports’s vice president of global marketing, communications and partnerships—slammed the door on a report that the game would come out July 12.

“We’ve said it’s coming this summer, and we’ve not announced a specific date,” Reseburg wrote.

Reseburg was co-signing a tweet from Extra Points publisher Matt Brown, who has closely covered the resurrected EA Sports College Football for much of its lifespan.

“July is what I’ve heard is the target. So this could be correct! But I haven’t seen it in writing and EA won’t confirm it,” Brown wrote.

College football video games date back over three decades, to Bill Walsh College Football in 1993. This, however, will be the first college football video game release since NCAA Football 14.


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