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Brandon Marshall Didn’t Hold Back Naming Worst NFL QB He Played With


Brandon Marshall played wide receiver for six teams during his 13 NFL seasons. By his count, he caught passes from 17 quarterbacks during his time on the field. 

However, Marshall didn’t take much time to answer when asked who the worst of those QBs was during an appearance on Hot Ones. (O.K., maybe Marshall did take a minute and the video could have been edited.) 

“The worst quarterback that I played with–and listen, just understand that there was so much potential … was Jay Cutler,” Marshall told host Sean Evans. “Jay Cutler should’ve won a Super Bowl. Jay Cutler had everything that it took to be one of the most legendary quarterbacks. And so, I would say Jay Cutler because he didn’t reach half of his potential.”

Check out the clip:

By the way, Cam Newton’s reaction to Marshall saying that Ryan Fitzpatrick was the best quarterback he played with might be the best part of that clip. He was not feeling the FitzMagic. 

To be fair, Marshall isn’t saying that Cutler was a terrible quarterback. In his view, Cutler should have been great and didn’t reach those heights during his career. Not winning a Super Bowl isn’t entirely his fault, of course. Yet Cutler’s demeanor often created the perception that he didn’t care about being the best he could be. 

However, Marshall had the best season of his career with Cutler as his quarterback. During the 2012 campaign, the receiver caught 118 passes for 1,508 yards and 11 touchdowns. Chicago went 10–6 that season but did not make the playoffs. Apparently, what could’ve been still bothers Marshall. 

During his eight seasons with the Bears, Cutler threw for 23,443 yards with 154 touchdowns and 109 interceptions. The best finish his team had was an 11–5 mark in 2010, which ended with a loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC championship game. 

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