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Is Derek Zoolander ready to show off his really, really, ridiculously good looks once more?

Christine Taylor recently reflected on the legacy of the Zoolander films—which she starred alongside husband Ben Stiller, who played the titular model as well as co-wrote and directed both movies—and as she sees it, another trip down the runway may be in the cards.

“We’ll see. Patience,” the Dodgeball actress exclusively told E! News. “It’s a slow burn. I don’t know that there’s Zoolander anywhere in the near future. But Zoolander always lives on.”

As she pointed out, the 2001 film wasn’t immediately beloved upon its release.

I feel like it’s very cyclical. Like every 10 to 15 years people seem to want Zoolander,” Christine explained. “They don’t want it at the time—that’s what’s so interesting. The first Zoolander came out in theaters just after 9/11 and did not have a successful theatrical run, but people found it afterwards.”

And the same occurred when it came to 2016’s Zoolander 2, which saw Ben, Christine, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell reprising their roles.


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