Blake Lively Reflects on “Many Mistakes” and “Awful” End of Website Preserve – E! Online

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Eventually, Blake launched Betty Buzz, a line of non-alcoholic, sparkling mixers named after her 3-year-old. The new business was built using “lessons I learned from [Preserve],” she said. “So many mistakes that I made.”

Remembering how she launched Preserve “before we were ready,” Blake did not want to make the same mistake again and spent years quietly working on Betty Buzz to ensure that every detail was perfect before its debut.

“It’s an interesting thing to claim as a woman: being detailed and being precise,” she mused. “Because that can be weaponized against you as being difficult. And if someone makes you feel something often enough, you start to believe it’s true, and you start to squash those things in yourself, and you start to see them as something that you don’t want to bring to the surface.”

Blake added, “And it’s taken me 35 years to see that, like, that’s actually a huge asset: how detailed I am and how precise I am and how much I care about quality. And it’s not something that I should apologize for.”


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