Zack Greinke Becomes Fifth MLB Pitcher to Strike Out 1,000 Different Players

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Zack Greinke is competing in his 20th Major League Baseball season, which means he has the opportunity to reach some rare career milestones. On Saturday, the Royals right-hander became part of an exclusive club that even some of the best pitchers ever couldn’t join.

By striking out Brewers rookie outfielder Joey Weimer, Greinke became the fifth pitcher ever to strikeout 1,000 different players, joining Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens. After his most recent start, Greinke now has 2,914 total strikeouts, which ranks No. 20 in baseball history.

Grienke has recorded 32 strikeouts in nine starts this season.

Greinke’s tenure in both the American League and National League, with many different teams, has allowed him to face so many different hitters. The veteran has played for six teams in four different divisions since entering the league in 2004.

Additionally, Greinke never played more than four years for any team besides the Royals. However, since Greinke has two separate stints in Kansas City, he’s faced a completely different group of hitters in the past two years compared to his first 7 1/2 years with the club.


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