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Travis Kelce’s Old Tweets Are Resurfacing and Fans Love How Wholesome They Are


It’s a tale as old as Twitter time.

An athlete rises to a new level of stardom, and eventually, some less-than-stellar posts from their social media histories start making the rounds. This background check of the digital age can be unforgiving, but one man appears to have passed with flying colors: Travis Kelce.

After jumping into another stratosphere of public knowledge thanks to his relationship with Taylor Swift, Kelce’s digital history was suddenly scoured as a matter of the public record.

On Wednesday, several of Kelce’s old tweets were recirculated across social media, but they weren’t filled with ill-advised language or unconsidered takes that a 19-year-old mind didn’t know were better left in private company.

They were mostly about squirrels.

Or rather, “squirles.”

Haha, #crazy indeed Travis.

This is about as good as any of us can hope for from our digital histories. Who doesn’t love watching a squirrel smash a peice of bread?

Other tweets of Kelce’s that popped up shared a similar charm.

The window into Travis’s college years is enlightening. Kelce was just a dude who, like the rest of us, hated it when his phone was about to die. His spelling was never perfect, but hey, are any of us?

Fans across social media loved the wholesome look into Kelce’s past.

Some Swift fans were quick to compare Kelce’s prose to that of their favorite songstress at a similar age. You tell me who is more poetic.

Growing up is largely an embarrassing experience, but those moments of embarrassment are really just little tick marks of growth on the way to becoming the person you eventually become. For Kelce, that journey was from feeding squirles to winning Super Bowls and dating the most famous woman on the planet.

Haha, #crazy indeed.

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