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Travis Kelce Carefully Answers Question About Whether He’s in Love With Taylor Swift


Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift has been one of the biggest storylines during the first half of the 2023–24 NFL season. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the topic would come up during a press conference ahead of the Chiefs’ Week 10 matchup with the Dolphins in Frankfurt, Germany.

One reporter got right to it without prefacing the question with any football stuff. She asked Kelce for the “latest status” in his relationship with Swift and whether or not he’s in love with the pop star. That caused something of an uproar in the press room and drew a slight cringe from the Chiefs’ tight end. 

“The latest status is I got to see her last week,” Kelce said. “That’s the latest status right there.”

Asked again whether he is in love, Kelce responded, “I’m going to keep my personal relationship personal.”

The clip, via Entertainment Tonight

Another reporter asked whether Swift would attend Sunday’s game. Whether the reporter realized it or not, that was a legitimate football question. 

CBS Sports’s research department broke down how Kelce performed when Swift was at the game versus when he was “left to his own devices,” and showed viewers that he gains more than twice as much yardage with the superstar watching him in the stadium. 

Swift is set to resume her Eras tour this month. But the first international date on the schedule is Nov. 9 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That would seemingly leave time to travel to Frankfurt. As Kelce said, however, whether or not she shows up at the game is personal. 

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