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Lampard has change of heart in GOAT debate after Gerrard’s new view


Steven Gerrard is in good company having changed his mind on who is the GOAT between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – with Frank Lampard agreeing with him.

Both stars have millions of fans pleading for their respective cases, with each side regarding their chosen player as the best in the world in the infamous GOAT debate.


Lampard has given his take on the infamous GOAT debateCredit: Getty

Those arguing for Messi claimed he ‘completed football’ when he lifted the World Cup last December with Argentina, while he also scooped a record 44 trophies and eight Ballon d’Or awards.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has won less honours, but has still claimed a whopping 35 in his career, as well as winning the European Championship with Portugal in 2016.

Liverpool legend Gerrard recently made headlines after he revealed he’d changed his mind and now believes Ronaldo is the GOAT due to him influencing other big name stars to play in Saudi Arabia with Al Nassr.

And the Al Ettifaq boss isn’t the only Premier League icon to have a change of heart, with his ex-England teammate also making a U-turn on his original decision.


Speaking to Ronaldo’s former Manchester United teammate Gary Neville in 2021, Lampard said: “You know what, I’ve always been a Messi man and then I watched your debate with Jamie Carragher recently.

“I actually think for Ronaldo’s output and actual numbers, and goals in big finals and semi-finals like we’ve seen, I think I maybe give him the edge.

“That’s going to start a load of hate, now.”

Messi and Ronaldo have divided fans for years


Messi and Ronaldo have divided fans for yearsCredit: Getty
Ronaldo is the winner in Lampard's eyes now


Ronaldo is the winner in Lampard’s eyes nowCredit: Getty

Lampard previously stated Messi was better due to his natural footballing ability.

In a Q&A session with Hyundai in 2020 when asked for his view on the GOAT debate, he remarked: “This is a horrible question.”

Al-Ettifaq manager Steven Gerrard calls Cristiano Ronaldo the ‘GOAT’ just a year after claiming Lionel Messi was greatest

“I’m going to go Messi on this on pure, natural talent but what Ronaldo has done has been absolutely incredible.”

But for now, he believes Ronaldo reigns supreme.

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