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Josh Dobbs leaves Vikings coach speechless before sharing heartwarming moment


Josh Dobbs has taken over Minnesota.

The new Vikings quarterback, who replaced an injured Kirk Cousins, continues to win over NFL fans with his sincere passion.


Josh Dobbs, left, already has a special connection with Vikings coach Kevin O’ConnellCredit: Getty

Dobbs also won over Minnesota head coach Kevin O’Connell last Sunday.

Footage showed Dobbs, who is 2-0 leading the Vikings, receiving an open-ended play call from O’Connell that featured multiple options.

“If it presents itself, you go ahead and take it, OK?” O’Connell said on the sideline.

With Minnesota staring at the New Orleans Saints‘ end zone, Dobbs read the defense, made the right call and found his way for a touchdown during the Vikings’ 27-19 home win.

O’Connell watched the entire play unfold with disbelief.

A third-and-6 call initially appeared to be a mess for the Vikings.

Then Dobbs saw an opening, created more space by spinning backward, and sprinted toward the end zone.

His head coach stared back in amazement.

O’Connell soon became just another Vikings fan, stunned at how good Dobbs has been after he was traded by Arizona and spent the initial six years of his career bouncing from team to team.

“He (Dobbs) just pointed and I don’t know what just happened,” O’Connell said.

Dobbs has been perfect for Minnesota and has the Vikings (6-4) eyeing a playoff spot despite losing Justin Jefferson and Cousins to injuries.

“Proud of you, man,” O’Connell said postgame, giving Dobbs a congratulatory handshake. “Proud of you, brother.”

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