‘F***ing preach’ – Actor Jamie Foxx salutes comedian D.L. Hughley for slamming reaction to UFC president Dana White slapping wife

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Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx is unhappy with UFC president Dana White seemingly being let off the hook by the media after slapping his wife.

On New Year’s Eve, at a nightclub in Mexico, White and his long-time partner, Anne, were filmed in their VIP area having a heated exchange that then became physical.

Dana White is facing backlash for hitting his wife on New Year’s Eve


Dana White is facing backlash for hitting his wife on New Year’s Eve

Video obtained by TMZ showed 53-year-old White grabbing Anne’s arm before she aimed a slap at him and he retaliated by slapping her twice.

The UFC boss has apologised for his actions but many people are calling for him to be removed from his leadership role in the MMA’s premier promotion following the incident.

However, comedian D.L. Hughley suggested the media has taken it easy on White and expressed his belief that it’s because of the colour of his skin.

He wrote on Instagram: “What can BROWN do for you?” Apparently not a damn thing! If that had been a brotha, it’d be NONSTOP coverage, dredging up a playground fight from the 3rd grade, scouring old tweets, you name it. 

“Dana White’s ENTIRE LIFE is immersed in brutal, physical violence, he’s amassed a fortune from it. Where are the salacious headlines?? Where’s the pressure??

“Ohhhhh, he apologised #WhitePrivilege (PUN INTENDED) scores a 1st round knockout yet again.”

D.L. Hughley believes the UFC boss is benefitting from ‘White Privilege’


D.L. Hughley believes the UFC boss is benefitting from ‘White Privilege’

Jamie Foxx seems to agree with him


Jamie Foxx seems to agree with him

The post has received over 33,000 likes and has been largely supported by commentators including Foxx who wrote “F***ing preach!!!!” in the comment section.

ESPN hosts Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim defended White’s character after the video of the MMA mogul hitting his wife went viral.

UFC fighter Sean O’Malley controversially claimed his boss was justified in slapping his wife, claiming she ‘deserved slapping back’ after initiating the violence.

However, prominent MMA journalist Ariel Helwani and UFC superstar Dustin Poirier have both spoken out against White who has been silent on the issue for days.

‘You should never put your hands on a woman,” Poirier said. “I don’t know the repercussions that come along with somebody of his stature, running these businesses and doing something like that. I have no clue. It’s not a good look for sure.’

The UFC is set to return with an event in Las Vegas on January 14.

It’s currently unclear if White will be in attendance or if he’ll face some type of punishment from the UFC’s parent company, Endeavour, whose share prices have fallen since the incident.


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