Brian Cashman Fiercely Pushes Back on Narrative That Yankees Are Analytically Driven

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Yankees general manager Brian Cashman spoke to reporters on Tuesday, during which he defended the direction of the team and addressed some other topics in what turned into a rather fiery press conference from the 56-year-old.

Among the topics broached by Cashman on Tuesday was the narrative that New York is an analytics-oriented franchise, something the GM was adamant to push back on.

“People talk about we’re analytically driven, right? We had the smallest analytics department in the American League East… we had the largest pro scouting department in all of baseball…” said Cashman, via SNY. “No one’s doing their deep dives. They’re just throwing their ammunition and their bullsh–, and accusing of us being run analytically.”

“I know I can’t change that narrative, all I can continue to do is say ‘bullsh– not true,’” he added.

While Cashman maintained that analytics are important, he was clearly fed up with the narrative that the Yankees were leaning too heavily upon it, going as far as to reveal that New York invests less in that department than its division rivals.

After a disappointing 2023 season, fans were hoping for some big changes within the organization. Cashman spoke highly of the Yankees’ current personnel, citing that various other teams were trying to “poach” members of the staff. 

“I’m proud of our people, and I’m proud of our process. Doesn’t mean we’re firing on all cylinders, doesn’t mean we’re the best in class. But I think we’re pretty f—ing good, personally,” said Cashman.

In 2023, New York missed the postseason for the first time since 2016, and posted its worst record (82-80) since 1992. With Cashman back as GM and Aaron Boone remaining as manager, the Yankees will be looking for a much better go of things in 2024. 


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