Bernie Kosar Apologizes to Browns for Gambling Incident

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Browns legend and former radio voice Bernie Kosar offered his first public comments addressing his ouster from the team for violating the NFL’s gambling policy prior to Sunday’s game against the Steelers.

Speaking on Monday’s episode of The Bernie Kosar Show With Hanford Dixon, Kosar, who placed a $19,000 bet on Cleveland to beat Pittsburgh, apologized to the organization for his decision. The former quarterback also re-iterated that he always intended to donate the winnings to charity, which he also stated when announcing the bet on Sunday.

“I figured this was a great way to raise money for foundations and for charities and stuff,” Kosar said. “So, to do a promotional bet like that to try to raise money was just in an effort to give back money. … I’m not an employee of the Browns but as an independent contractor, I’m sorry I had to put them in this position. I didn’t want to put them in this position, but because I am not an employee, I didn’t think that was going to be an issue because it was for charity.”


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