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15 Good Habits To Start Now! | The Michigan Dietitian


If you are attempting to make a positive life chang, use these 15 Good Habits to start improving now. Try one, two, or all of them!

Good Habits

Habits are actions that are taken without consciously realizing you’re doing them. These don’t have to be good nor bad, although there are some actions you may relate to the word.

Think of brushing your teeth. It is likely something you unconsciously end up doing twice a day. This may be considered a good habit to have.

Smoking it a bad habit. It is known to be detrimental to one’s health, but it could be a deep-rooted habit that is difficult to end.

Ultimately, you are going to have habits. You may as well try to make them good habits!

1. Eat a Good Breakfast

Getting in the habit of eating breakfast is going to benefit you throughout your entire day! Instead of waking up and running to the office, make breakfast a priority.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day! It can help wake you up, is an opportunity to get in nutrition, and gives your body and brain what it needs to power through until lunch!

If you aren’t hungry in the morning start by having something. Even having a banana with peanut butter is better than nothing!

woman wearing black jacket with white headphones

2. Drink More Water

The amount of water you should be drinking varies based on the weather, your activity level, and how much your body needs! Water is necessary to sustain you and keep your body functioning properly.

The statement ‘drink more water’ is very vague. Maybe you don’t need to drink more water. Or, maybe you need to double your intake. Ask your doctor or registered dietitian if you need further direction about how much you should actually be consuming!

If you are going to start your 15 good habits with increasing your water intake check out my article, 11 Hacks to Drink More Water.

3. Prioritize What You Need

Don’t just go through your days doing the same things. Some days you may need something different, and you should cater to yourself!

Maybe you have plans to hang out with friends but you had a horrible day and know that socializing isn’t going to be a positive change in your day (this is different for everyone!)

photo of woman walking as one of her 15 good habits

4. Make Time for Movement

Movement is a game changer. A simple walk can change your energy for the day, give you motivation to stay up and get things done, and it’s good for you!

This looks different or everyone. Some wake up earlier, some carve out time throughout the day, and some get in their movement at night! Find what works best for you and stick with it.

Being busy is inevitable. Making time for movement can seem like too much to ask at the start but once it becomes a habit you won’t know what to do when you can’t!

5. Learn More About Nutrition (Not Just Clickbait Headlines!)

By learning about nutrition you can discern between actual nutrition instead of just accepting any new fads or clickbait titles as truth.

Proper nutrition means you will be able to listen to your body, feed it what it needs, and make informed decisions for what is best for yourself!

Peruse some of my nutrition myth articles to start learning a bit more about controversial nutrition topics!

photo of person holding cup

6. Keep a Journal

A journal can have so many purposes!

Use it to write down thoughts once a month (or whatever works for you!). Get out everything that’s been happening, what’s been on your mind, or what you are looking forward to

ANother way to use the journal is to note down your habits! This can be a place where you track what you have been doing everyday and how it has affected your day and mood. Then, you can look back and see, ‘Hey! By having breakfast in the morning and getting a little walk in the afternoon in I’ll likely have a great day!’.

7. Take Steps Towards Your Goals

The habit of not making progress on your goals is an easy hole to fall into. The first step in forming goal reaching habits is by having a goal!

  1. Set a goal
  2. Break down the steps to reach the goal into smaller, actionable steps
  3. Plan when you will take these steps
  4. Do it!
  5. Reach your goal
  6. Recap what worked, what didn’t, and what your next goal is!
scrolling not as one of their 15 good habits

8. Limit Mindless Scrolling

I’ll admit it, I do this too. Mindless scrolling can lead to a wasted hour (plus). Sometimes it is nice to shut off your mind and laugh at some videos, but not all the time! By making it a habit to limit the amount of time you scroll the internet will reduce how much you end up mindlessly scrolling.

9. Be Your Own Cheerleader

Forming a habit is difficult! It isn’t your significant others, friends, or family’s responsibility to cheer you on along the way. You need to be the person you can rely on for confidence and positive affirmations.

Use positive self-talk to amp yourself up and keep yourself going. This means saying things such as “I am capable and able to ______”. Telling yourself you can’t do something does nothing but hurt yourself! Your own words have so much power.

Repeat after me: I am capable. I can do this. I am enough.

a notebook with affirmation words

10. Understand Your Body

You may habitually eat the same things on rotation. That may not be bad, but what if you could be feeling better?

Not regular? Listen to your body. If you are utilizing the above good habit of learning more about actual nutrition you can take the proper steps to avoid this!

Maybe your body needs more fruits and veggies? Protein? Healthy fats? Your body responds in certain ways when you are missing something. Understand your body and make positive changes instead of coping with any habitual issues.

11. Eat Before Having Caffiene

It’s easy to wake up and run to the coffee maker, I get it! You get that immediate burst of energy to get your day started. This isn’t the best habit to be stuck in.

It is best to have food in your system first for many reasons. One reason to eat prior to coffee consumption is to help slow down the caffeine absorption and digestion. Without food in your system the caffeine can go right into your system, hyping you up and making for a quick crash.

Another reason to eat before your morning cup of joe is to help defend against an upset tummy, heartburn, and acid reflux. Coffee is acidic, therefore it can disrupt your stomach and cause you to be uncomfortable and potentially some pain.

doctor check up as one of their 15 good habits

12. Keep A Yearly Check-Up

Visit your physician at least once a year for a general check-up. You could be in the habit of not making an appointment, then never making one.

A check-up is good to keep in the habit of as you can catch an potential issues early. Your physician may be able to catch a potential issue in a urine or blood sample, heart rate, or blood pressure without you even realizing there was something off!

13. Maintain Boundaries

Maintaining your boundaries can be a challenge if you’re a ‘yes’ person. If you are on a journey to forming new, good habits you may need to set different boundaries. Keep in mind that this is new to you but is also new to those around you.

Set boundaries that allow you the space to grow in the way you are working towards yet not so harsh you build walls around yourself.

14. Prioritize Sleep

Getting and maintaining proper sleep is vital to your good habits! This may even be the foundation to forming any healthy habits. It is difficult to have energy and motivation to do anything without good rest.

Use this article to set the scene and get some tips on some Healthy Sleep Hygiene Tips.

photo of sleeping man

15. Stay Accountable

A habit doesn’t form overnight. They take effort to form and maintain! There are different methods to go about keeping accountable. Some people with keep track in a journal or phone, some talk about it with their partner or friend, etc. Whatever you can find to make yourself accountable works the best.

If sharing helps and you don’t know who to tell, feel free to post what you’re doing on your Instagram story and tag me in it! I’d love to sheer you on!

15 Good Habits Takeaways

Basically, there are good and bad habits (and everything in between!). Some good habits you should work towards forming include: learning more about true nutrition information, prioritizing yourself, and making time for movement.

Ultimately, do what you can based on where you are. Just don’t fall into bad habits!

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15 good habits to start now

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